Inulin Chicory Root Powder 6 oz / 170 gr


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  • AKI INULIN CHICORY ROOT - Cichorium intybus is a flowering plant in the dandelion family every part of the chicory plant is used for various purposes. It was grown as a source of fructose. Chicory root fiber is a type of inulin (soluble fiber) sourced from the roots of chicory plants.

  • SOURCE OF FIBER: Inulin in chicory root is a prebiotic source of polysaccharides and fructooligosaccharides. Dietary fibers may be helpful in nourishing Intestinal Health. Having a good amount of healthy enzymes is important for digestion and immunity.
  • BENEFITS: Our chicory root powder may also help boost the prebiotic content of foods.

  • EASY TO BLEND: Mixing any of your favorite drinks often works well in a wide range of both foods and drinks. Adding to coffee, tea, baked goods, blending into smoothies, juice and meals.

  • NON-GMO, VEGAN, AND GLUTEN-FREE: All of our products are vegan-friendly. Fiber-filled powder is free of Soy, Milk, Egg, Corn, Wheat & Peanuts. Contains NO Gluten or Preservatives. We use high-quality ingredients in our products. We never get our ingredients from GMO sources So, you can rest assured that our products are completely GMO-FREE