Our Origin Story

Our Origin Story

It all started with our family always enjoying the benefits of a natural, healthy lifestyle. We have travelled the world for many years and discovered the power of plants through other cultures. Our desire to constantly evolve and increase our daily performance led us to create Aki.

Today we transmit this vision to our team which respects the soul of our company. We have surrounded ourselves with passionate, professional and caring people to serve customers with the best possible quality products.

Our Promise

As Aki Organic grows, we continue to choose only high-quality cultivators & producers. Each product is developed respecting our values. We are working hard in making sure we follow high standard criteria to always offer the best products possible. Our ingredients are sourced from countries all around the world, such as Canada, United States, Asia and South America. All our products are inspected, prepared & packaged in our facility based in Quebec, Canada to ensure optimal quality. Our entire team uses their best skills to offer you quality products while keeping the core roots and mission of Aki Organic alive.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any concern, question or suggestion. We are here for you 100% satisfaction and well-being.