100% Blueberry Powder (5.29 oz / 150g)


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Superfoods Rich in Antioxidants | Spray Dried

✔️ FLAVORSOME BLUEBERRY Natural Powder Mix is a superfood powder and a natural berry food coloring at the same time.  An impressive amount of blueberry fruits with each scoop (3 g), helping you boost your daily nutritional intake quickly and easily with our great-tasting formula.

✔️ LOADED WITH GOODNESS – Blueberries are a superfood packed with natural antioxidants that can help support our health. Our Powder is rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that can enhance the IMMUNE SYSTEM, maintain EYE HEALTH, and promote ANTI-INFLAMMATORY effects in the body. So, whether you’ve been feeling under the weather or just want an energy boost, antioxidants can help re-energize the body, helping you power through the most challenging days.

✔️ A SPRINKLE OF MAGENTA COLOR – Do you want to spruce up your favorite recipes with colorful but natural food coloring? Our superfood blend is a natural alternative to food dyes that are known to have a weird taste and no nutritional value. Simply add a scoop of Blueberries Fruits Natural Powder Mix into your smoothies, ice cream, yogurt, or anything else your heart desires to get magenta-colored food and drinks!

✔️ NO ADDED FLUFF – We make our high-quality blueberries Natural Powder Mix with spray drying, unlike some of our competitors that use freeze-drying methods instead. Freeze drying uses excess fillers (Maltodextrine) to hold the ingredients together need for extra fluff.

✔️ VEGAN, NATURAL AND NON-GMO - Aki develops 100% natural and vegan-friendly products. Our superfood blend is a mixture of berries derived from non-GMO Apart from that, our Blueberry Natural Powder Mix is also gluten-free, sugar-free, and milk-free.