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  • LUSCIOUS MAPLE SUGAR: AKI Canadian Maple sugar crystal is made from Grade A Canadian maple syrup that comes directly from the maple tree. It contains no artificial colors or sweeteners and is handmade in Quebec, Canada
  • RICH SOURCE OF VITAMINS: Consists of riboflavin also known as Vitamin B2 and other enzymes that may help you to keep your Eyes, Skin, and Nervous system healthy. Also contains manganese, copper, and potassium which assist your overall well being
  • INCORPORATED INTO MANY MEALS: These sugar crystals can be easily poured into your daily beverages like Tea, Coffee, Juice, sprinkled on Fruits, and added it your favorite cocktails to make it sweet as it is the healthier substitute for alternative sweeteners
  • ENERGY BOOSTER: Our product may help you to boost your energy production in everyday life and act as a helping hand in the synthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids during digestion as it fulfills the daily requirement of Manganese
  • NON-GMO & VEGAN FRIENDLY: All of our products are vegan-friendly. We derive high-quality crystals for our Maple Sugar from NON-GMO sources. Furthermore, our aim is to showcase the power of plant-based nutrition, and while doing so, we will only use the purest and premium ingredients in our products

Product Description

 AKI Canadian Maple Sugar

This natural product is made from 100% pure Canadian Grade A maple syrup carefully harvested from our Quebec maple forests by our master sugar maker.

This unique natural sweetener replaces, in equal quantity, refined sugars in your recipes. The distinctive yet delicate flavor of maple sugar pairs well with both sweet and savory preparations like coffee and tea, of course.

Although its history is long, maple sugar is still relatively unknown to many consumers. It is made by boiling maple syrup and then cooling it to specific temperatures, followed by filtration to create crystals.

Our maple sugar has a granularity and texture like regular refined white sugar.

- Suggested Uses
- Sprinkle on cookiesand cakes (instead of icing sugar). Ideal for whipping cream.
- Cookies, fruit salads, ice cream.
- Baking, pastry, sweets, use to taste.
- Lining a mould.
- Replaces refined sugar in all recipes.
- In cocktails or to frost glasses.
- Reduces bitterness or acidity of vegetables like rapini, artichokes, endives, and tomatoes.
- Dry rubs for meats and fish.
- All culinary uses, sauces, pastries.
- Marinades.
- Final garnish of cakes and desserts.
- Ideal in baking, brioches, pannetone.
- Baking, finishing dishes such as floating islands.

The use of Maple sugar is common and is the Key Ingredients in several food items

Ideal substitute for Sweeteners
Rich in Vitamins and Minerals such as Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Calcium, Potassium, which play a vital role in the daily diet.
Highly contains Zinc and Manganese that may help to fight Illness and Improve Immunity

Contains Numerous Antioxidants that may be beneficial for reducing Radical Damage from within the body.

It may help in the synthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids to boost energy production and ensure healthy blood sugar control.