Natural Lemon Powder (4.23oz/120gr)


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Enjoy our refreshing and great tasting Natural Lemon Powder, which is packed full of nutritional goodness!

We already know that lemons are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, dietary fiber, among other beneficial nutrients! According to various studies, Vitamin C may play a role in digestion, skin health, and even weight loss.

Weight loss – Vitamin C found in lemons may contribute to weight loss due to Vitamin C's antioxidant properties, and the dietary fiber found in lemons called pectin may make you feel full after a meal.
Skin health – Vitamin C may help to improve your skin health and your skin's physical appearance by retaining the skin's moisture levels.
Digestion – The pectin found in lemons may support digestive functions. You need to have dietary fiber in your diet because it can help support digestive functions and ease constipation.

You can enjoy the fresh and great tasting flavor of lemon water by simply adding a scoop of our Natural Lemon Powder into water. Alternatively, you can make iced tea, ice cream, smoothies, yogurt, juices, and you can even use our premium blend for baking to make delicious treats.


100% Natural Lemon Powder.


Add a scoop of our Natural Lemon Powder to your favorite drinks and meals.