Pineapple Powder (5.29oz/150gr)


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Pineapples are believed to be originated from South America and are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that can fight inflammation. Also, known as Ananas comosus, this healthy fruit has loads of health benefits that can aid in good digestion and boost your immunity. This fruit is also good for your hair, skin, and bones. It contains vitamin A, vitamin K, phosphorus, calcium, and zinc. Its rich source of vitamin C helps in maintaining a healthy immune system while its content of manganese provides you with a healthy metabolic rate. Our dehydrated pineapple powder contains high-quality pineapple concentrate without needing artificial fillers!

  • ✔️ FLAVORSOME PINEAPPLE Natural Powder Mix is a superfood powder and a natural flavoring at the same time.
  • ✔️ LOADED WITH GOODNESS – Pineapple is superfood packed with natural antioxidants & vitamin C that can help support our health
  • ✔️ A SPRINKLE OF FLAVOR – Do you want to spruce up your favorites foods, recipes with a delicious but natural food superfood fruits powder is a natural alternative
  • ✔️ NO ADDED FLUFF – We make our high quality pineapple Natural Powder with spray drying methods.
  • ✔️ VEGAN, NATURAL, AND NON-GMO - Aki develops 100% natural and vegan friendly products